Best 10 Fzmovies Alternative Sites For Free Movie Downloads (2024)

Fzmovies over the years, has been my best resource for free movie downloads. Although there seem to be a few pop ups and ads here and there, being able to download from the website is easy for me.

On a previous post, I talked exclusively on how to download from the website with ease and without having to face or deal with the too many pop ups on the site. Bear in mind, pop up ads isn’t exclusive to this particular site. Pretty much every other movie download sites utilizes same and that applies to all the sites talked about here.

The downloading platform tend to utilize a few domain extensions – .net and .de are the most known. Hence, if surfing through the download site and you stumble on the domain extension being .de instead of, it’s pretty much the same site.

The movie download site recently introduced 2 more download servers. What that means is, more download servers to choose from. Hence, if you happen to be experiencing download speed, you can try other servers.

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As fascinating as this could be just, just like every other site on the internet, this website could become unavailable at any time. Same applies to the website being unavailable perhaps at a time when you need to download a particular movie. Besides, it’s always a good choice to have varieties.

Here, I will be sharing with you, the best 10 alternative sites for movie downloads.

Since the download site is strictly for movies (they have a sister site for TV shows), all other movie downloads related sites here are going to be strictly for movies too.

I will most likely make a different post for TV show downloads and alternative sites for that. If that’s something you’d like, you should stick around or perhaps, drop a comment.

This list has been verified, hence, It’s safe to describe it asbest alternative movie download sites to fzmovies.

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  • Best 10 Sites Like For Free Movie Downloads
    • Filmywap

Best 10 Sites Like For Free Movie Downloads

In no particular order, these are the list of movie download sites;

  3. Mp4mobilemovies
  4. Mp4moviez
  6. LoadedMovies
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Having stated these movie download sites, let’s talk a bit more on them. Shall we?

I already talked about website here. Therein, I talked on being one of the easiest to navigate through after the major subject of this post being fzmovies.

Best 10 Fzmovies Alternative Sites For Free Movie Downloads (2)

Therein, I also shared a step by step guide on how to download movies on the platform.

It’s important you read that article before visiting the site and every other site on the list to avoid loop holes. Reason being that, literally all the sites on this list, utilize pop up ads and deceptive ad placements.

Oh well, how else are they supposed to make money since they cannot implement contextual ads like Adsense.

Surprised? Don’t get it twisted. and are too different sites. Although with identical names, the extensions are obviously different.

Best 10 Fzmovies Alternative Sites For Free Movie Downloads (3)

Mycoolmoviez not only offers free movie downloads, you can also download or watch WWE smackdown live.

There’s also a session which displays the most anticipated upcoming movies. Think for a second, what movie are you currently anticipating?

Avengers: Infinity War? The details are on the platform including the release date.

On the homepage, you can also find out the trending movies like Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle and Sonu Ke Titu ki sweety. I’m guessing the later is a Bollywood (Hindi) movie.

Love Bollywood (Hindi) movies? You’d most likely love

This isn’t me saying the website is for strictly Hindi movies, but they seem to top the chart there.

However, the site still offers some trending Hollywood movies like The Foreigner (A Jackie Chan’s Movie), Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain underpants and more. All these movies, you can see right there on the homepage.

An interesting thing about 300mbmovies4u, is the fact that you can download movies based on their sizes.

What this means is, you can choose to download English movies with sizes around 300MB, 720p movies, 1080p movies or bluray formats. Bear in mind though, 720p movies are HD movies while 1080p movies are Full HD movies. These movies will most likely carry a much higher size.

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You can estimate Full HD movies being in the 1GB+ size family with HD being around 600MB to 900MB per movie. If you feel you’ve got enough data to spend, that really shouldn’t be a problem. Right?

I know right? These guys seem to copy themselves by buying a similar domain name with a different extension.

That’s the thing with a competitive market, yeah? Thankfully, it’s good business for movie lovers. More variety to choose from with fewer worries. is another free movie downloading site which not only offers movie downloads, a bit WWE wrestling matches as well.

The pop up on this site however, can be very disturbing. You should probably skip to other options. But, if you must, use browsers like opera mini and ucweb to curb most of the disturbing pop up ads.

This one is pretty straight to the point – with a twist. doesn’t only offer movie downloads, but also offer short films, documentaries, animations, comedies and more.

That’s more than enough, I guess.

Right on the homepage, you can get an insight on the most viewed videos on the platform. You can also see the recent full movies that were recently uploaded on the platform.

Latest series, shows, viral videos, documentaries are also part of the bargain here.

Although it might be pretty hard finding your favorite most recent movies, you’d most likely find really old movies like Captain America from 1990.


Filmywap has been in the game long enough for most people to know about the mobile downloading site.

Best 10 Fzmovies Alternative Sites For Free Movie Downloads (4)

This movie downloading site based on the interface, is strictly for mobile phones and the interface is quite easy to work with.

On the wapsite (assuming we’d call it that), you can download Hollywood dubbed movies in Hindi.

Hollywood dubbed movies are original Hollywood movies transcribed to Hindi. What that means is, the language you’d be hearing in these kind of movies, are Hindi despite the production being that of Hollywood.

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Action movies can also he easily seen on the homepage as well as comedy, horror and family movies.

HDMP4mwnia is another awesome download site to check out. I think the creators just recently moved to the .site domain extension. However, it seem to be gaining some traction of popularly within a short pace of time. Thanks to the estimated records presented by Alexa ranking algorithm.

You can download Bollywood and Hollywood movies in MP4 format. Hollywood dubbed MP4 are also part of the bargain here.

Users on the platform can also download WWE shows, indian TV show and more. This site seems to be particularly aimed at Indians.

This is another download portal to check out and a pretty good alternative to Fzmovies.

This site pretty much has in its radar, same category of offering most of the earlier mentioned sites have in store.

The only addition in this case, is mp3 songs. There’s the top 100 songs category as well as Hindi songs.

I like to think stopping at 8 is a good number, correct? Great! But, do you know there are a few movie apps you can actually use in downloading your favorite movies and TV shows? Oh yes, there are.

On this very blog, I have written exclusively on two. Two for Android, two for iPhone. Yes, iPhone users can also enjoy streaming their favorite series and films right on their phone.

For android users, you should look into getting Showbox and Bobbymovie app downloaded on your phone. The hyperlinks on those texts takes you to the pages where you can download the apps. For iPhone users, MovieHD and MovieBox is your best bet. Alternatively, click on the link below.

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So, there you have it. Those are the best 10 alternative sites to fzmovies for free movie downloads. Which other downloading site do you know of? Let’s hear it in the comment session.

Best 10 Fzmovies Alternative Sites For Free Movie Downloads (2024)
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