11 Fzmovies Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives (2024)

#1 7starHD



7starHD is an online movie downloading website that lets everyone download any movie and watch it offline. It makes it easy for everyone to browse the content by providing categories which include 300Mb Movies, Mv other, Telugu Movies, WWE TV, Punjabi Movies, Dual Audio 720p Movies, Mobile Movies. Hollywood 720p, Tamil Movies, Multi Audio, Hindi Dubbed, and many more. The best feature is that there are direct download links as well as magnet links, giving everyone the flexibility to download the one that meets their requirements. The movies are in dual audio containing the primary audio depending on where it’s made and the secondary/dubbed audio in Hindi, Tamil, and more, enabling those who don’t understand English to enjoy the movie regardless.

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#2 9xmovies


9xmovies is a top-notch movie downloading website that enables you to find and download newly released films on the fly. You will need to have one of the torrent clients such as Vuze, Bittorrent, uTorrent to download the desired movie. The website has a collection of new and old Tamil movies that you can explore and download without any restrictions. Use the categories to view all the content available on the website. The categories include Kannada Movies, Malayalam Movies, Pakistani Movies, TV Shows, 300MB movies, Punjabi, WEB Series, and many more. The best feature is that you can download various mobile in different qualities, including 720p and 360p.

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#3 ilCorSaRoNeRo


ilCorSaRoNeRo is an Italian torrent downloading website from where you can download some of the top films and TV series free of cost. You can browse the series and films most loved by the audience on the home page and/or use the search bar to quickly find whatever you are looking for. The torrent is displayed along with its size, seeders, and peers, and you will need to have a dedicated torrent-client to download anything because all the links are available as magnet links. The best feature of the website is that most of the content is available in HD, enabling you to immerse yourself in the movie/TV show.


#4 Filmyzilla


Filmyzilla is a popular Website that enables you to download Bollywood, Hollywood, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu Movies, and WEB Series with great ease. The feature that sets it apart from similar websites is that it shows you all the movies added recently, enabling you to download fresh content as soon as it comes up. It has all the newly released titles in its collection and is frequented by many users from many countries worldwide.

Fillmyzilla organizes all the available content in categories so that everyone can check similar titles in a single place. It also makes things easier by providing you with a search bar to find any movie within seconds. Each movie contains full details about the plot, cast, categories, and you can share the link of any movie with friends and family members on Facebook and WhatsApp directly through the Website.

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#5 Pagalworld


Pagalworld is a prominent website that lets you download Mp3 songs without paying any fees or creating an account. It is a great source for anyone looking to get Mp3 songs and listen to them anytime. The songs library contains Punjabi, Latest Bollywood, Indipop, Classic, Ghazals, and Hindi music. The best feature is that you listen to any song using the audio player given on the song page. The site is highly optimized and can sustain millions of users without going down.

Furthermore, the page load speeds are extremely fast, making it easy for you to navigate from one page to another without much time consumption. You can explore the collection via categories that include Ringtones, Bhojpuri Songs, and Music. There is also a search bar provided on the site that gives you the opportunity to locate any song instantly.

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#6 Djpunjab

Djpunjab is a great source for downloading newly released Punjabi MP3 single-track songs, video songs in an unlimited quantity. Browse all single tracks, music, and videos on the home page and/or share with friends. You can also find a track instantly using the search bar given on the website. The appealing feature is the presence of an Audio player that lets you listen to a song before actually downloading it. There are also multiple downloading links such as 48kbps, 320kbps, and 128kbps, enabling the end-user to use the desired one.

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#7 Wapking


Wapking is one of the best-rated websites for downloading the latest mp3 Bollywood songs without hassle. It allows music lovers to fill their entertainment cravings and listen to all the latest songs as soon as they are released. The highlights include mobile-responsive layout, fast page load time, safe and secure download links, and no requirement for registration. The music library is organized into categories such as Bhojpuri MP3, Punjabi Mp3 Song, Ringtones, Indian Pop Songs, Marathi Mp3 Songs, TV Serial Song, Latest Bollywood Movie Songs, Special Collection, Haryanvi MP3 Songs, and many more. The best feature is the search bar that enables you to find any music within seconds.

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#8 Torrent Downloads



Torrent Downloads is a BitTorrent Download Source that gives you the opportunity to download TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games, Software, Anime, Books, and more. There are no complex requirements, and you only have to launch the website, search for something, or select the displayed torrents and start downloading. An important thing to note here is that a torrent client like BitTorrent, Vuze, or uTorrent is necessary to get any torrent. The home page of the site displays all the popular torrents in their respective categories, and these categories can also be found in the menu bar. Find the desired torrent quickly by typing its name in the search bar. The website features a registration that is optional and not mandatory, giving everyone the freedom to avoid it altogether.

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#9 Khatrimaza



Khatrimaza is a popular website that allows you to download Hindi dubbed movies in different qualities like 480p, 620p, and BluRay. You can browse its collection of movies by scrolling through the home page or clicking any of the categories on the menu bar. The options on the menu bar include TV Shows, 300MB Movies, Bollywood Movies, Hindi Dubbed Movies, Hollywood Movies, and Dual Audio Movies.

Each movie and TV Show has a couple of screenshots, a brief description of its story, and download links. After you have watched something on the site, share your experience by leaving a comment below the Movie/TV Show. The best feature of the site is that there is no registration system enforced by the site, enabling everyone to download all the available media instantly and without any restriction.

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#10 KatmovieHD



KatmovieHD gives you the opportunity to download the latest Hollywood Movies dubbed in Indian languages, TV shows, Anime, and Wrestling episodes from WWE. The content is provided on the main page of the site, and you can also explore the collection by clicking on one of the options on the menu bar. It organizes all the movies into categories such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Dual Audio, Fantasy, History, Horror, Thriller, Sports, Sci-fi, Mystery, and Romance.

Use the search bar given on the website to quickly find the desired movies/tv-shows/anime. To download a movie, click on the links or read the provided instructions. Both direct download and torrent links are given so that everyone can choose the one that fits their needs. The movies/tv-shows/anime is dubbed in various languages such as Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali. KatmovieHD also receives visitors from several international countries because of its diverse content. If a movie isn’t available, you can ask for one by submitting a request. You can stay up to date on all the happenings by joining the official Telegram group.

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#11 Filmywap



Filmywap is an Indian torrent website that enables everyone to download or stream a large selection of movies and from any web browser on any device. The collection includes songs, movies, and TV shows which you can browse and download without restriction. It is a popular destination for many people because newly released movies are updated on the site within a few days from release in cinemas. Besides India, it also gains visitors from many countries worldwide. You can find movies from various Industries and languages such as Telugu, Hollywood, and Tamil.

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11 Fzmovies Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives (2024)


11 Fzmovies Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives? ›

The other five competitors in the top 10 list are youtube.com (31.5B visits in June 2024), moviehax.org (423.2K visits in June 2024), filmxy. online (215.8K visits in June 2024), full-download.info (26.5K visits in June 2024), and fthismovie.net (67.4K visits in June 2024).

Why is Fmovies not working? ›

If http://fmovies.to is not working for you, here are a few general suggestions: Check your Internet Connection:Ensure that your internet connection is stable and working properly. Try Different Browsers:Sometimes, issues can be browser-specific. Try accessing the website using a different web browser.

Is FMovies banned in USA? ›

This activity violates copyright laws and is illegal in some countries. Here are countries with strict copyright laws that consider FMovies illegal: United States. United Kingdom.

What is better than FMovies? ›

The Best FMovies Alternatives to Watch Movies & Shows in 2024
  • BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer is a legal streaming service with free movies, TV shows, and radio programs. ...
  • Pluto TV. ...
  • 7plus (Channel 7) ...
  • TVNZ. ...
  • Servus TV. ...
  • ITVX (ITV Hub) ...
  • Sony Crackle. ...
  • Tubi TV.
Apr 22, 2024

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