The 6 Greatest & Cutest PC Games That You Can Play Today (2024)

The cutest games on PC aren’t easy to decide on because the competition is fierce. With many new titles in the pipeline, it’s an ever-growing list. Thankfully, we professional gamers have a lot of time on our hands.

We’ll save you the trouble of playing every game under the sun to compile a list of the cutest games on PC. Instead, we’ll give you our picks to check out and play for yourself. Before we begin, we’ll examine why people like playing the cutest games on PC.

Why Do People Like To Play The Cutest Games On PC?

Console gaming is fun, and 9 times out of 10, we always prefer a console system over a PC. However, there’s no denying the flexibility and longevity of a PC, and it easily trumps the lifespan of home consoles.

If you’re wondering why people love playing cute games on PC specifically, the answer is simple. Creating games exclusive for PC is when developers aren’t restrained from catering to the limitations of consoles. The truth is often bitter, but a reality check will tell you that console hardware holds back games.

When game creators and developers brainstorm an idea for a project, it must pass specific criteria to get it greenlit. The biggest hurdle creators face is whether the game’s concept and gameplay mechanics will fully translate to all platforms equally.

If any platforms are inferior to the standard PC specs, then that game’s better off skipping it. Directly porting a game to PC ensures the quality won’t suffer. The cutest games will fully function on PC, and developers will realize their creative vision.

Which Cutest Games On PC Are The Greatest?

Okay! Even though we’re console gamers for life, we’ve established that the PC is the superior platform for gaming. Time to ruffle some feathers, and now see which games are the cutest you can play on PC. Someone will always rant about a game missing out on our list, but that’s more than okay.

We have a diverse selection of games for you to check out. All of them are the cutest, charming and will have you gushing over them. Let’s kick things off.

6. Trombone Champ

The 6 Greatest & Cutest PC Games That You Can Play Today (1)

Most of the cutest games to release on PC come from humble beginnings, which is the case for Trombone Champ. Rolling out after development that was 4 years long, the popularity of Trombone Champ spread like wildfire. The major reason for Trombone Champ’s notoriety was the use of meme-worthy faces of the characters in the game.

However, the silliness of the aesthetic isn’t all there is to the game, as players will quickly realize the game’s potential. Musical games are risky because of licensing issues, and the legal loopholes are a whole other can of worms if there is a lawsuit. The developers, Holy Wow Studios (epic name, btw), wisely made the game’s soundtracks consist of public-domain or entirely original beats.

Trombone Champ takes after the Guitar Hero series for inspiration but puts a hilarious twist to make the game work. The gameplay is simplistic but challenging at the same time. Players must match the prompts at the precise time they show up and continue the pattern for a high score. Missing out on prompts enough times will plummet the score, even going down as far as below zero.

The game’s colorful aesthetic makes the moment of triumph feel dramatic when you attain a high score. Only the tone changes instantly when you glance at the ridiculous facial animations of the characters. The game will have players bursting into laughter every few seconds.

How Is Trombone Champ One Of The Cutest Games On PC?

While Trombone Champ is undisputedly silly and proudly embraces this facet of itself, many will question if that makes the game cute. Well, to the doubters, we say, isn’t cute a subjective term? Because in our experience, Trombone Champ is 100% a cute game. The character animations, in particular, are entirely wholesome and adorable.

As an example of what we mean, try noticing when players repeat a musical note for a bit longer. The character on the screen will see the character eyeing up the player as their breath meter nears its end. The cheeks puff out with a purple hue plastering all over, indicating breathlessness and making you care about them.

Also, the game allows players not to be afraid of screwing up, as the results are hilarious and must-watch. The tone of the tracks distorts if the rhythm isn’t in sync, and the game has more than a few sick burns that will catch players off-guard.

We hope you see why we consider Trombone Cham one of the cutest games on PC.

5. Pupperazzi

The 6 Greatest & Cutest PC Games That You Can Play Today (2)

Immensely addictive, effectively engrossing, and highly enjoyable are the best ways to describe Pupperazzi. The game where you’re a hooman (dog words for human) armed with a camera and dogs galore to take pictures of. The game has no shortage of dogs; you’ll learn much about them if you’re not a pet person.

The game’s target audience is dog owners or people who love to play with them but don’t have one. You gain maximum enjoyment from the game if you’re either of them. Various dog breeds are available in the game, from poodles, huskies, golden retrievers, German shepherds, and bulldogs, you name it, and it’ll be there.

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The bulk of the gameplay comprises players moving around and trying to get close to a dog to take pictures. The dogs are in the majority, and they’re fewer humans in the game’s setting, hell the city’s name is Muttropolis. Most dogs are friendly, like in real life; they’ll often approach the player and don’t mind us taking their picture.

Having said that, there are dogs of the obnoxious, elitist, spoiled brats variety, and they’ll not allow taking photos easily. To deal with such stubborn doggos, players must channel their inner titular Pupperazzi.

How Is Pupperazzi One Of The Cutest Games On PC?

If you doubt the cuteness of Puperrazzi, you’re not a dog or a pet person, or you have no soul. Look at the game! Dogs! That’s enough to have most people swoon over the game. Still, if you’re not easily convinced, we’ll explain why you should check it out and hopefully change your mind.

For one thing, the dogs in Pupperazzi behave identically to real-life dogs, so the game feels authentic. They’ll play with you and interact with the different accessories and attire you bring them. Dressing up the dogs in silly, fashionable, and cute outfits for their photoshoots is the core of Pupperazzi. The dogs look hilarious and do all kinds of ridiculous things, plus the faces are to die for.

Players will laugh one second, then fawn over the dogs the next. Another satisfying part of the game is when you take photos and humble those pesky bratty dogs who look down on you. Oh, and there’s a whole career path for players to pursue with the Pupperazzi occupation. The upgrades to the camera, unlocking more accessories, and the ability to double jump and engage with dogs on an intimate level are all part of the game’s charm.

The final thing we saved for last to reveal about Pupparazzi is that you can pet the dogs. That’s it, 10/10, the game of the decade; you don’t need another game now. In all seriousness, Pupparazzi is one of the cutest games on PC that you can play.

4. LumbearJack

The 6 Greatest & Cutest PC Games That You Can Play Today (3)

Developers, Finalboss Games (Seriously, what’s with devs and cool names lately?) have delivered a timeless classic with LumbearJack. The game is about nature preservation and what would happen if Yogi Bear lost his marbles. We play as Jack, the simple bear with a singular philosophy of not ruining the natural habitat of wild animals.

When the heartless construction company Evil Works trespass and take over the forest, Jack decides to take matters (along with his axe) into his own hands. He goes to town on the machinery, equipment, and infrastructure of Evil Works. He slices most obstacles in half and helps animals. The animals, grateful for Jack’s help, join the angry bear in his quest to rid the forest of Evil Works.

With the help of the forest animals, Jack has to stop the desecration of nature. Each level brings Jack to a different part of the forest, and the gameplay has a puzzle aspect. Jack must rescue an animal, then destroy the heavy apparatus abusing the greenery.

The upgrade mechanic of LumbearJack is a unique and innovative method. For leveling up, Jack must recycle the scrap from destroyed machinery to increase his chopping power. The game’s physics are funny to watch in action, and how everything collapses is incredibly satisfying.

How Is LumbearJack One Of The Cutest Games On PC?

The game’s entire premise is ideal for teaching young players about the dangers of deforestation and how nature needs preservation. LumbearJack is instrumental in teaching kids how wildlife might become hostile and go extinct if humans aren’t careful. The powerful message is delivered subtly, of course, but it’s something to appreciate nonetheless.

What’s not subtle in LumbearJack is Jack’s contempt for corporations who value profit over everything else. Jack represents the forest creatures’ plight and is out to fight on their behalf. The feeling of Jack swinging his axe as he chops down cars, buses, trucks, cranes, and other vehicles is cathartic. Helping each creature is a symbolic representation in the game of how cooperation and a common goal can make people productive.

If you’re still on the fence about checking out LumbearJack, then one more thing can convince you. The game grants power tools to Jack to spice up the monotonous chopping visual of Jack’s axe. The chainsaw speeds up the attacks and slices through most of the man-made structures; plus, when you do confront humans, you can slap them silly. There’s nothing more satisfying than making them tremble with fear.

LumbearJack is a silly game if you take out all the psychoanalysis we explained, but still fun regardless. The enjoyment of this game is through the roof for us; hence we’ve declared it as one the cutest games on PC.

3. Little Witch In The Woods

The 6 Greatest & Cutest PC Games That You Can Play Today (4)

Little Witch In The Woods is perhaps the most ambitious little indie gem we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. The game’s nowhere near completion, but what content is available will enrapture you with its charming aesthetic and ambiance. The story-heavy game relies on the plot to immerse players and hooks them with its open-world style gameplay.

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Players fill in the shoes of Ellie, a girl who’s training to become a witch. She must pass a critical exam to qualify as a witch and is hard at work practicing her craft. Ellie’s house is in the middle of a forest, where a village is nearby, and she travels there frequently. The gameplay has plenty of elements to keep players busy, whether it’s exploring the forest for specific ingredients or looking for lost pets. Yes, there are cats in the game, and yes, you can pet them.

Most people in the village have problems that need solving, and our cute Ellie is always up to the task. Players have access to the cauldron within Ellie’s home, where she can brew potions to assist her in certain tasks.

The game also has many life-simulation elements where socializing with the NPCs opens questlines. Gifts and quest completion raise the confidence of NPCs with Ellie, and they share stories with her.

How Is Little Witch In The Woods One Of The Cutest Games On PC?

If the cutesy art style and colorful pixelated graphics aren’t enough to entice you to try the game, then we’ll tell you why you should play it. Firstly, the game’s cuteness is exceptionally high due to the retro-style gameplay that makes us pine for simpler days. Also, an in-depth character-driven story with layers of sub-plots makes you care about the protagonist Ellie.

Secondly, Little Witch In The Woods has tons of activities for Ellie as she interacts with the villagers. The villagers aren’t generic NPCs with no depth, as each one has a distinct personality that makes them feel real. Helping them out is a rewarding experience in a literal and metaphorical sense.

And lastly, there is a fatigue meter that rises when Ellie goes on daily tasks and quests. Players must balance each day by managing the quest list and taking their time to manage their inventory. Relaxing with recreational activities and resting near the river help bring Ellie’s motivation back.

Hopefully, our game praises have tempted you enough to try it yourself. You’ll see why we regard Little Witch In The Woods as one of the cutest games on PC.

2. Wife Quest

The 6 Greatest & Cutest PC Games That You Can Play Today (5)

Okay, we’re at the runner-up position on our list of cutest games on PC, and we would like to know where we could find a girl like Mia. Seriously, the jealous housewife is a lovely lady, but she’s also a ticking timebomb. In Wife Quest, Mia, the protagonist, explodes in a rage while trying to recover her kidnapped husband.

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In a refreshing take on the video game formula, the role’s reverse as it’s the woman rescuing her husband. Players must navigate the treacherous forests and other hazardous environments in a bit to recover Mias’s husband, Fernando. The airheaded simpleton farmer of a man gets kidnapped by the dark elf Morganna and her pack of monster-girls.

The platforming sections combine nicely with the puzzles that players must solve to progress and unblock the path toward bosses. Along the way, players fight the underlings of the monster-girls, which are nuisances that Mia slays handily.

Mia has a sword at her side at the beginning of the game; her hot-tempered nature always gives her an excuse to use it. Each boss has a unique combat theme and design that makes them stand apart from the others, and Mia must strategically defeat them.

How Is Wife Quest The Runner Up On Our List Of The Cutest Games On PC?

Fernando’s abduction is the last straw, and she goes all out against the kidnappers. Her hilarious facial animations and dialogue as she slices up fools will leave players chuckling. The game is over-the-top amounts of crazy in terms of the plot, and it’s all the more endearing for it.

The enemies Mia defeats allow her to sell their drops to buy health and other essential items. The most prominent reward players receive after Mia eliminates a monster-girl, as those are new powers and abilities.

Players have a great incentive to play the game again with unlocked powers from the start. The enormous replay value is an excellent feature of the game to experience the laugh-out-loud commentary from Mia. The final blow animations of each monster-girl boss fight are extremely fulfilling as Mia gets her revenge and punishes them.

We had a blast playing Wife Quest and can’t get enough of the game. It’s highly addictive and enjoyable; hence, it’s number 2 on our list of the cutest games on PC.

1. Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

The 6 Greatest & Cutest PC Games That You Can Play Today (6)

Alright, time to talk about the number 1 entry on our list of cutest games on PC, and its title is a dozzy one. The game’s name is Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. We’re not kidding; that’s the game’s name; take a moment to breathe and let its title marinate in your head.

Action-adventure and dungeon-crawling mechanics are the crux of the gameplay of Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. The titular Turnip Boy explores the semi-open game map to find items and story-related quests while fighting different enemies. The traversal utilizes a top-down view for players to navigate Turnip Boy around the visually diverse and colorfully vibrant environments.

Each boss fight is unique and visually stunning in design, requiring players to avoid powerful and charging attacks. Direct engagement with a boss won’t do any good. Instead, players must use items specifically around the boss arena to damage and stun them before they can attack. There are plenty of side-quests for Turnip Boy to accept and complete, which reward him with valuable items that help out in the game.

The story of Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is where the most ludicrous premises turns into a compelling narrative. Some twists later reveal the world’s true nature and Turnip Boy’s backstory that you can’t help but root for the guy.

How Is Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion The Number 1 On Our List Of The Cutest Games On PC?

From the start, the game’s aesthetics and themes of vegetable and fruit-based anthropomorphic characters impressed us. The game’s world is full of wise-cracking and side-splittingly funny NPCs. Even the antagonist, Mayor Onion, is a charming villain with the on-the-nose and mustache-twirling trope fully embraced.

Another great thing about Turnp Boy Commits Tax Evasion is the absurdity of the plot cleverly incorporated within the game. Turnip Boy must find and rip up tax documentation to conceal the paper trail for his tax evasion crime. Also, he commits other crimes to earn money to pay off the mountain of taxes debt.

The players ending will vary depending on how many of the side-quests and collectibles are found. There is an excellent incentive for players to replay the game to see the multiple endings, and there are pun-themed achievements as well.

There is also a god mode for players who are struggling to clear a particular stage. The humor of the writing is excellent and will leave you a laughing mess. All of the amazing features we’ve mentioned have nudged us to bestow the title of the best and cutest PC game to Turnip boy Commits Tax Evasion.

Final Thoughts

Ahh~ Finally done with our list of cutest games on PC, and it feels great to share our choices with you all. We hope you enjoyed reading about each cute title; let us know your thoughts in the comments below. What games do you feel should be on here? We’re genuinely curious to hear what you have to say.

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The 6 Greatest & Cutest PC Games That You Can Play Today (2024)
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