"Season 3 Preview + New Changes" by ntrman from Patreon | Kemono (2024)


Hello everyone!

Here are all the new contents and changes that I will serve this season

Improvements & New Changes:

Character and H-Scene Animations!

"Season 3 Preview + New Changes" by ntrman from Patreon | Kemono (3)

This was one of the most requested improvements from before and now that we have sufficient funds to do it. I should now be able to implement it on all of the upcoming projects, However, with this new improvement in mind, It will either stretch the development time a bit longer or some projects will be relatively shorter

NOTE: Please keep in mind that animations will only be limited to several selected scenes. ( AKA: There will still be static illustrations )

Adjustments + New Tier

These new tier adjustments are supposed to cater to the value of the contents for each season archived and to also support the quality enhancements mentioned above for all the upcoming projects.

If you want to clarify details regarding this matter, please drop me DM

NOTE: These adjustments will be effective on June 1st next month

"Season 3 Preview + New Changes" by ntrman from Patreon | Kemono (4)
Full game saves
means you will receive a 100% save game for a project where all the scenes are already unlocked ( Applicable for Season 2&3 only )

CG Packs means all the illustrated & animated scenes is now compiled in a single .zip and you will be able to have a copy of it ( for VN Projects only ) ( Applicable for Season 2&3 only )

*Every time a new season has completed these changes will automatically be made

⭐ Member Recruit

Long story short, There are some unannounced projects that I require extra help with.
All available position are listed below:

"Season 3 Preview + New Changes" by ntrman from Patreon | Kemono (5)

If interested please fill up this form:
( You will be contacted if selected )

New Projects & Contents!

With all that aside, here's the 1st content you'll be receiving for SEASON 3

DISCLAIMER: Release schedules may subject to change

A Camp with Mom

"Season 3 Preview + New Changes" by ntrman from Patreon | Kemono (6)

Story: Follow Souma on a 2-day camping trip where he'll witness the "other" side of his Mother ( Kyouko ) along with his annoying friend ( Kengo ).

Side-note: I've always wanted to create a story set on a camping ground and this is what I managed to conceive, The story is somewhat light and very straight-forward as I just want to focus on the setting of the story and the "situations" that I'd like the characters to be in.

Release: June 2021
Genre: MomNTR / Light
Animated: Yes
Length: Short ( Dual Path / Singular End )
Voiced: TBA ( Since we struggle to find a voice match )
Status: Completion phase

For now, This is all I can share,
but rest assured there will be plenty to come...

I also have plans to release some contents In-between the projects above such as Comics and etc. but until I stated a release date of such contents, I can only ask you to patiently wait and please stop harassing me for content

Thank you & Stay well everyone!

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For any inquiries feel free to drop me a message!


"Season 3 Preview + New Changes" by ntrman from Patreon | Kemono (2024)
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