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Gender: Female

Origin: Hebrew

Popularity Rank: #309,251

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Nancy E Meaning

On the name Nancy E, Nancy means God's Flavour, A Bird, Full of Grace, Favor, Grace.

Nancy E is found in Colombia, United States of America, Mexico, and 8 more countries.

Nancy E Pronunciation Guide

How to pronounce Nancy E?

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Nancy E Translations in other languages

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Nancy E Name Popularity

At NamesLook, the name Nancy E is recorded 55 times globally, ranking it as the 309,251th most common name worldwide.

Nancy E is most prevalent in Colombia, with 13 occurrences, making it the 46,762th most popular name in the country.

Nancy E Popularity by Country

  • Colombia:13 occurrences
  • United States of America:10 occurrences
  • Mexico:9 occurrences
  • Peru:7 occurrences
  • Argentina:5 occurrences
  • Spain:3 occurrences
  • Bolivia:2 occurrences
  • Italy:2 occurrences
  • South Africa:2 occurrences
  • Chile:1 occurrences
  • Nigeria:1 occurrences

Nancy E popularity in U.S.


This chart displays the ranking of the name Nancy E from 1980 to 2023, based on the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Famous People with Name Nancy E

  • Nancy E. Bone
    Nancy E. Bone is a Intelligence from US.
  • Nancy E. Brasel
    Nancy E. Brasel is a Judge from US.
  • Nancy E. Davidson
    Nancy E. Davidson is a Research.
  • Nancy E. Dick
    Nancy E. Dick is a Politician from US.
  • Nancy E. Dunlap
    Nancy E. Dunlap is a Physician from US.
  • Nancy E. Gary
    Nancy E. Gary is a Chief_executive.
  • Nancy E. Heckman
    Nancy E. Heckman is a Statistician from Canada.
  • Nancy E. Krulik
    Nancy E. Krulik is a Writer from US.
  • Nancy E. Rice
    Nancy E. Rice is a Judge from US.
  • Nancy Eaton
    Nancy Eaton is a Granddaughter from Canada.
  • Nancy Eberhart
    Nancy Eberhart is a Writer from US.
  • Nancy Edberg
    Nancy Edberg is a Swimmer from Sweden.
  • Nancy Edell
    Nancy Edell is a Artist from US.
  • Nancy Edwards
    Nancy Edwards is a Archaeologist from United Kingdom.
  • Nancy Eiesland
    Nancy Eiesland is a Theologian from US.
  • Nancy Eimers
    Nancy Eimers is a Poet from US.
  • Nancy Eisenberg
    Nancy Eisenberg is a Psychologist from US.
  • Nancy Ekholm Burkert
    Nancy Ekholm Burkert is a Writer from US.
  • Nancy Elizabeth
    Nancy Elizabeth is a Singer from United Kingdom.
  • Nancy Elizabeth Brown
    Nancy Elizabeth Brown is a Officer from US.
  • Nancy Elizabeth Prophet
    Nancy Elizabeth Prophet is a Artist from US.
  • Nancy Elizabeth Russell
    Nancy Elizabeth Russell is a Journalist from New Zealand.
  • Nancy Ellicott Tomlinson
    Nancy Ellicott Tomlinson is a Worker.
  • Nancy Ellis
    Nancy Ellis is a Aviator from Australia.
  • Nancy Erickson
    Nancy Erickson is a Secretary from US.
  • Nancy Eriksson
    Nancy Eriksson is a Politician from Sweden.
  • Nancy Etchemendy
    Nancy Etchemendy is a Novelist from US.
  • Nancy Evans (opera singer)
    Nancy Evans (opera singer) is a Singer from United Kingdom.
  • Nancy Evans (table tennis)
    Nancy Evans (table tennis) is a Player from United Kingdom.
  • Nancy Everhard
    Nancy Everhard is a Actor from US.
  • Nancy Ezer
    Nancy Ezer is a Author from Israel.

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Names similar to Nancy E

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