Aishah Hasnie Age, Wiki, Height, Husband, Boyfriend, Fox News (2024)

Aishah Hasnie is the name of a very popular television journalist and anchor who works for the Fox network. Aishah Hasnie is from America was works on Fox news in the day session.

She has worked before as a headline news reporter on Fox & Friends first as well as on Fox & Friends. But, Aishah was not a day time correspondent but a late-night reporter.

Aishah Hasnie is very passionate about her work and since childhood was interested to become a news reporter. She has grabbed the attention of many people by straight-talking reporting and deep investigation work.

Aishah is working in the media industry since long and has a pretty vast experience in this field. Over the years Hasnie has gained a lot of name and fame due to her exceptional work. Let’s see some more unknown facts and interesting trivia about Aishah Hasnie.

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Aishah Hasnie Wiki

Many people don’t the fact that Aishah Hasnie was born in Lahore which is amongst the popular city of Pakistan. Aishah was born on 5th September in the year 1984 in Pakistan.

Although she was born in Lahore she was brought up in Bedford city located in Indiana. Aishah Hasnie is 35 years old and she celebrates her birthday on September 5.

Aishah is an avid fashion lover and she likes to keep up with the changing trends. She likes to try out new fashionable clothes and fashion is her other passion aside of media work. Aishah very actively has conversations with her stylist to check new trends and releases.

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Most of the time Aishah learned about Eastern society culture. However, when Hasnie moved to the United States she found the western culture quite different from the eastern one. Eventually, Aishah adapted to western society values.

Hasnie is multi-talented and she loves to play football whenever she gets time. Shooting is her one more passion and she is seen regularly trapshooting along with her father.

Aishah believes that sharing is caring and she donates a lot of money to the needy. She donates funds to several NGOs and non-profit activities.

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Aishah Hasnie Education

Hasnie did her schooling successfully from Lahore located in Pakistan. But, she moved to Bedford City when she was a teenager. From Lahore, she shifted to Indiana along with her entire family.

In the year 1998, Aishah attended the Bedford North Lawrence High School also known as BNL. After studying for four years she successfully graduated in the year 2002. Aishah Hasnie passed her high school with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Broadcast Journalism.

Later she went to Indiana University Bloomington just after finishing her high school studies. If you don’t know Indiana University Bloomington is one of the most popular campuses in entire Indiana.

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She joined the university with Biology as Majors but soon realized that Biology subject is not for her. As soon as she got to know that she has no interest in science Aishah Hasnie started writing for her college newspapers and magazines.

Aishah’s elder cousin worked at WICS-TV and with the help of her, she started doing minor work over there. She has done an internship at WTHR-TV and GEO-TV which aired in Pakistan. After studying abroad Hasnie was building her portfolio by working for several networks.

In the year 2006, Aishah Hasnie completed her degree in Broadcast Journalism and started working as an intern to get some experience which also made her a few bucks.

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Career: Aishah Hasnie

At first, Aishah Hasnie started working for WANE-TV 15 in the year 2008 which is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Aishah was working as a secondary anchor and an investigative reporter at WANE-TV 15 which is a CBS-affiliate station.

Hasnie came into limelight when one of her reports went viral. A lot of people started knowing Aishah Hasnie as she was working with WANE-TV 15 for a while.

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During the year 2009, Aishah got to know about a police report in which the store owner was arrested as he tried to take skirt up photos of a girl. The girl was very small around 10-12 years old.

But, the police officer didn’t arrest that store owner for taking photos of the girl but for battery which he did with that small girl. At that time there was no law in Indiana for peeping in stores.

However, the Indiana laws were changed when she brought this story to people’s attention and for that Aishah got a lot of appreciation. Not only she was praised by many but she also received an Emmy nomination for an incredible act.

Aishah started working with Fox 59 in the year 2011 in July. If you don’t know about Fox 59 it is an Indianapolis-based news station. Hasnie did the show named First at Fourwhich aired at 4 pm almost daily except weekends.

Not only this Aishah also did a section named Taking Action for Youwith the motive to protect people from customer scams and corrupt illegal companies. She helped the people of Indiana from scam products as well as brands who were looking to cheat with customers.

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Hasnie worked with Fox 59 for more than 6 years and she had a great experience with them. Working with Fox 59 got her a lot of fame and name especially in Indiana. After years of hard work and dedication, Aishah Hasnie got a chance to work with the main Fox News Network in the year 2011.

Aishah Hasnie Net Worth

Salary as a reporter for Fox news ranges from 30k-120k USD per year. However, the exact salary of Aishah Hasnie is not known but on average, we can say that she earns somewhere between 50-60k dollars every year.

These numbers are just estimates and the exact salary is still not known and will be updated once we receive some information from our trusted sources. Aishah is a calm composed person who doesn’t like to show off her wealth status.

The exact net worth of Aishah Hasnie is not known but from her salary, you can get a rough estimate of her total net worth.

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Unknown facts and Trivia

  • Aishah Hasnie was born in Pakistan and brought up in Indiana. She belongs from South Asian (Pakistan-India) ethnicity. Her nationality is American although she was born in Pakistan.
  • Hasnie looks very gorgeous with brown eyes and brown hair.
  • She has a lot of experience as a news reporter and has been working with Fox Network for long. Before working for Fox news she also was working for Fox & Friends as a late-night reporter.
  • Aishah was born in the year 1984 and currently, she is around 35 years old. Apart from the media, she is doing a lot of things like trapshooting as well as playing soccer.
  • Hasnie has a great sense of fashion and she follows fashion very closely. Even she talks quite frequently with her stylist to get information about the latest fashion trends and clothing line.
  • Over the years she has gained a lot of name and fame for her straight-talk reporting. Aishah is excellent in her work which has also earned her a lot of money as well.
  • She likes to donate to poor needy people and Hasnie is associated with a lot of educational initiatives.
  • Hasnie not only works at the Fox News office but also is seen reporting live from fields.
  • Aishah Hasnie has done graduation in Broadcast Journalism from Indiana University Bloomington.

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Aishah Hasnie Age, Wiki, Height, Husband, Boyfriend, Fox News (2024)
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